The Impossible Task

Excerpt from the first Mozambique Evangel – October 1985 – Vol.1 – No.1

Though there has been no explicit vision, no voice in the night, no mystical handwriting on the wall, there is nevertheless ample evidence that God intends to establish a missionary based medical work in Mozambique, not only to help relieve the desperate social needs, but also to strengthen the church in its desire to be a light in the darkness. We admit there are many obstacles standing in the way of these things becoming reality. Some are barriers insurmountable to men. The war that is devastating the nation, funds and supplies for the medical work, people burdened to pray and to go, and acceptance of such an endeavor by the communist authorities are only a few of the issues that must be soberly faced.

We recognize the existence of. these problems and realize they are matters only God can resolve. But as in all things, while we look to Him to bring His plan to pass, we must not sit idly by. We must pray. And we must prepare for the work He has for us, that we might be ready when the call goes forth. Such preparation is indeed a step of faith, for at the present time this work could not exist in Mozambique. But as the last article showed, God has graciously provided evidence that He does intend to perform it. And so we go forward in faith – not drummed up confidence that God will do what we want Him to, but confidence that what He has planned, He will surely bring to pass.

Post script, 2004:

The 17 year civil war ended two years after Grace Missions began working in Mozambique.

For the first eight years God provided a government hospital that served Grace Missions as a virtual mission hospital.

For eight years He provided funds, supplies, and personnel, often in amazing ways, such that not a single operation was cancelled or postponed except for four weeks when the hospital was closed by provincial authorities due to repeated guerilla attacks.

In 1998 we were granted authority to build and operate our own medical center in the city of Nampula. This was made possible when the Marxist government adopted a new constitution ending Marxism, establishing free market economic policies, and legalizing private medical care.

Even as God had provided everything needed for the medical evangelistic ministry at the government hospital, we marveled as He went on to furnish land, skilled personnel, funds, and supplies to begin construction of our own medical center in Nampula.

We have also delighted to see a local church established in harmony with the 1689 London Baptist Confession, a Christian book room opened in downtown Nampula, and national pastors’ conferences established that annually serve church workers from all over Mozambique and supply excellent books in a land devoid of Christian literature.

We praise God for His work of leading us to the right place at the right time and doing what men could not do to change the nation and give the gospel free course throughout the land.