Grace Medical requests your help in locating Reformed Evangelical Christians to staff its non-profit surgical center in Nampula, Mozambique, Africa.

At this moment we need:

  • General medical doctors
  • Surgeons
  • Someone to maintain the hospital’s physical plant
  • An administrator willing to promote and direct development of the center

Grace Missions’ hospital served in 2020 and 2021 as the principal COVID treatment center for the province of Nampula with a population of 6 million persons.  But for the hospital to begin functioning as originally planned, Grace Medical must find a physician with post-graduate training in general medicine to attend and oversee the Mozambican physicians employed in the outpatient clinic. This could be a family practice physician, emergency care physician, internal medicine specialist, or a physician with similar training. Diseases infrequently encountered in advanced countries that are common here are mainly malaria and tuberculosis with its myriad of manifestations. Diagnosis and treatment would normally be limited to initial outpatient care. Patients requiring admission, follow up, or long-term care would usually be referred to government facilities for definitive treatment as our center is devoted to surgical care.

General surgeons are critically need as well.

We also need a plant manager with skills useful in maintaining hospital equipment. This equipment ranges from vehicles to computers to vital sign monitors and IV infusion pumps to anesthesia, X-ray, ultrasound, and EKG machines to oxygen delivery systems and ventilators to kitchen and laundry appliances to steam sterilizers to furniture and housekeeping tools – everything that needs maintenance in a hospital!

We also need an administrator to oversee the hospital staff, finances, and procurement and to spearhead further development of the heath center.

We expect to use national workers in all of these areas and expect the missionary personnel to further train and equip them as far as they are able so that responsibilities can be passed on to Mozambicans. More and more, the missionary staff would be involved in breaking new ground and delegating familiar work to the nationals.

A national policy designed to create more jobs for Mozambicans limits the missionaries whose residency visas we can sponsor to mainly those who have skills that Mozambicans do not have.  We can request exceptions to this rule so that people useful to the mission can still be invited to work with us, so we are interested in anyone who could make a meaningful contribution to the medical and spiritual work.

All medical missionaries must have a good Christian testimony, must agree on the fundamental doctrines of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, and must have a burden for medical evangelism. It would be ideal if they could also teach the Bible and assist in church leadership and church planting efforts.

Please pause and consider whether you know people who could help us in these areas, and then get us in touch with them. Both short- and long-term missionaries are useful in getting started, whether or not they speak Portuguese, but people who are called by God to long-term mission work are especially important.

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