Annual Pastors’ Conference

Since 2000, Grace Missions has teamed with Editora FIEL (Faithful Publishers) of Brazil and missionary Karl Peterson now serving in Capetown, South Africa to sponsor nation-wide training conferences for pastors and church leaders.


As of 2024, 22 annual pastors’ conferences have been held in Nampula with excellent participation by church leaders from all of Mozambique’s ten provinces and more than 85 denominations and para-church groups. In recent years, attendance has hovered around 400. The four-day meetings have been led by gifted international speakers from Brazil, the U.S., England, and various parts of Africa.

230 participants at the 2010 National Pastors’ conference

The purpose of these conferences is three-fold: to refresh and encourage Mozambican pastors in their labors for Christ, to better equip them for pastoral ministry, and to acquaint them with the doctrines of grace and the rich legacy left the church by the Reformation fathers.

One way this objective is accomplished is through importing and selling each year thousands of books translated and distributed by Reformed Evangelical publishing houses in Brazil. During the conference these books are priced at less than their actual replacement cost in order to make them affordable to Mozambique’s church leaders.

Charles Woodrow teaching systematic theology at the post-conference seminar

Such literature is invaluable in Mozambique where Christian bookstores are scarce. The opportunity to buy Christian books is a major reason so many church workers travel to the conference each year from all parts of the country.

Since 2005, Grace Missions has also offered special, intensive training seminars for church leaders who can stay on after the conference to receive this training. Topics covered have included systematic theology, expository preaching, and pastoral ministry. Generally the seminars last for one week and meet for up to ten hours each day. To date over 250 church leaders have benefitted from these seminars.

First FIEL Conference

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