• Grace Missions is driven by a passion to see Christ exalted through all the earth and to see men living to the glory of God by submitting to His lordship, that through this they might know the unspeakable blessings of enjoying Him in this life and forever.
  • We are committed to all of Scripture as the only infallible and entirely sufficient God-inspired revelation to men.
  • We are committed to the doctrines of grace as fundamental truths that must undergird all Christian belief and practice. We believe salvation is a gracious work of God from start to finish, bringing His people under the sound of the gospel, opening their hearts to understand it, convicting them of their sin through it, granting them faith to believe in it, and evoking the proper response of repentance to it. We believe sanctification is the inevitable result of genuine faith, whose author and finisher is Christ.
  • We believe in the local church as the God-appointed means by which He oversees and carries on His work through the saints. Grace Missions is under the oversight of local church elders, and the goal of our ministry is to establish local churches that are self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating.
  • We believe that for a ministry to enjoy the blessing of God, love for Him manifested by joyful obedience must be evident, together with genuine compassion for the plight of men lost in sin.
  • We are more reactive than proactive in Christian service. That is, we prefer to respond to God’s hand actively guiding through prayer and circumstances in the decisions and ministries we must consider, rather than setting our own course consistent with Scripture and then asking God after the fact to own it and bless it.

Guiding Principles
Doctrines of Grace
Missionary Motives II