Prayer Requests

Prayer is one of the best things our supporters can do for us! Please pray . . .

Medical Outreach
• For speedy completion of all the preparatory work necessary for Grace Evangelical Hospital to open.
• For provision of furniture, especially desks, cabinets, counters, and shelves.
• For full government approval for the facility to open.
• That Dr. Woodrow will be accepted into the Mozambican doctors’ guild with minimal hassle.
• For authorization from the government to sponsor residence permits for foreigners.
• For skilled, Christian doctors to join us long-term.
• For suitable living quarters for missionary doctors and their families.
• That the container of medical supplies will be shipped without excess customs charges, delays, or damage to its contents.
• For the landscaping around the hospital to be accomplished well.
• For successful installation of electrical transformer.
• For successful upgrading of the water system for pressurized use.
• For God’s blessing on Dr. Woodrow’s efforts to review and update his medical knowledge.

Church Planting
• For seminary-trained, Biblically-qualified men to plant churches here.
• For good relationships with other churches whose members are joining ours.
• For spiritual growth in our church, Fellowship of Believers in Christ.
• That the many non-member participants would believe in Christ and join the church.
• That church members would recognize and use their gifts to minister to others.
• That Arnaldo’s wife would trust Christ for salvation.
• That Stélio would have fellowship and opportunities to evangelize during his three-year period of study in the city of Ilha.
• For Stélio’s friends in Nampula to join a church where they will receive good teaching and pastoral care.
• For physical and spiritual care for teenage Rui, whose relatives have sent him away.

Literature Distribution
• For financial provision to subsidize Christian literature for pastors.
• For wisdom in choosing which books to order.

Pastors’ Conferences
• For high attendance.
• That pastors would apply in their lives and churches what they learn at the conferences.
• That Paul Washer’s health would recover sufficiently for him to come preach next year.
• For God’s blessing on conference preparations.
• For wisdom in possibly moving the conferences to the Quinta Graça property in the future.

Mission Ekklesia
• For wise, careful use of their new photocopy machine.
• For wide distribution of the Meditai! Journal and spiritual fruit in the lives of readers.
• For high attendance at training events.
• For funding for outreach ministries.
• For funding for travel expenses for leaders’ seminary training modules in Brazil.
• For a Berean habit of checking Scripture to confirm everything that is taught.
• That Mozambican denominations would follow Scripture rather than personalities.

Local Culture
• For a strong, Biblical work ethic.
• For sexual purity within the church.
• For stable families.
• That orphans would be cared for.
• That the lives of unwanted babies would be saved.
• That Christians would learn to think Biblically.
• For deliverance from the pervasive animistic (spirit-worship) mindset.

Grace Missions Office
• For efficiency in accomplishing administrative tasks.
• For contact with supporters whose e-mail addresses were lost or have changed.
• For wisdom and blessing on Don and Belinda Dickey’s Stateside labors.
• For success of the matching funds challenge grant.
• That we would establishing an effective system of communication with supporters including e-mail, our website, and social media.
• That construction of the guest house would proceed smoothly.
• For God’s guidance and funds for the continued development of the Quinta Graça property.
• That we would find a good mechanic to employ.

Woodrow Family
• For safe, enjoyable, economical travel in South Africa, England, and the USA from April through June 2018.
• For cessation of legal wrangling about the Quinta Graça property.
• For competent household help.
• For blessing on Dr. Woodrow’s writing projects on systems of theology, sexual purity, and Biblical parenting.
• For greater fellowship with local expatriates and church members.
• That they can obtain Mozambican citizenship.
• For wisdom for Grace in planning a ministry to female orphanage graduates.
• For direction for Benaiah regarding college and beyond.