Since 1999, Grace Missions has teamed with Editora FIEL (Faithful Publishers) of Brazil and missionary Karl Peterson now serving in Capetown, South Africa, to provide excellent Reformed Christian literature in the Portuguese language to Mozambican pastors and church workers.


One benefit of our annual pastors’ conferences is the opportunity to obtain excellent Christian literature. Each year thousands of books translated and distributed by Reformed Evangelical publishing houses in Brazil are imported and sold at the conference for a fraction of their actual production cost. The opportunity to buy Christian books is a major reason so many church workers travel to the conference each year from all parts of the country.

With over 500 titles available and thousands of books in stock, our Biblioteca Fiel bookstore makes sound Christian literature available to local pastors.

To make these books available year round, in 2004 Grace Missions opened a bookstore in downtown Nampula, second largest city in the nation with a population of over 400,000. To our knowledge, this is the only Christian bookstore in the northern half of Mozambique. The next nearest bookstore is over 1000 miles away.

For these books to be affordable in Mozambique, they must be sold at half their actual replacement cost. This means Grace Missions not only pays all the overhead for the store but also subsidizes half the cost of each book. God has graciously provided funds for this vital ministry and we are pleased to serve the evangelical churches of Mozambique in this way.

Our desire now is to purchase the excellent location we have been renting on the main street of downtown Nampula. This will allow us to make needed improvements to the facility that will enhance and expand the literature arm of our ministry.