July 2006 Update from Devin Smith #2

The Mozambique Evangel – Update July 30, 2006

By Devin Smith with Charles Woodrow

Thank you for your prayers. I, Charles, and all the men involved were in agreement: The conference went very well. The speakers were very powerful and effective. The men seemed very receptive and appreciative. The accomodations and details came together fine. Of course, there were a few glitches (this is Mozambique), but in all the conference went better than could be hoped for.

Adaltou Lorenzo spoke on numerous aspects of creationism. He had a computer presentation which was spectacular. Many of these men have probably never had physical science or biology. He showed them galaxies and bacterial flagella–there were ohs and ahs–it was great. He finished every presentation with an appeal to the men to trust their Bibles and to minister the word of God with conviction and confidence. One would think that such a technical presentation would go above the heads of these men, most of whom do not have more than an 6th to 8th grade education. Only a few have gone beyond that. Yet Adaltou’s DVD was by far the best seller in the bookshop, which says a lot. For myself, I was able to spend about three nights in a row talking with Adaltou about Creation science until 1 AM. As a biology teacher, I found his counsel immensely helpful. Charles joined us too, when he was able. It was a precious gift of God to get to know this dear man.

Conrad Mbewe spoke on the sufficiency of scripture. Despite using a translator, he spoke with power and clarity. Charles noted that he was especially effective in speaking to these men as an African. He spoke of the ways of the village and the pressures especially upon Africans to abandon the sufficiency of Scripture. He gave a biography of John Calvin, which is very important because so many are told that Calvinists don’t care about the lost, and also that Calvin burned Servetus for heresy. It seemed as though the message was helpful.

One new thing that was added this year was that the men split up into small groups to consider how they might use the Bible in different difficult situations. They gave their answers to the whole group, and then Conrad added how he would speak to the situation from the scriptures. All agree that this was a very helpful time.

Conrad and Adaltou are travelling together through Angola to do another conference. Please pray for them. Pray also that the effects of their ministry in Mozambique would trickle down to their congregations. I know there will be many pastors giving “Creation seminars” in their home towns using Adaltou’s DVD, which is an exciting thought.

The bookstore ministry saw decent results. Many of these men are on a book reading program, and are getting the Fiel literature. Whereas in the past perhaps a thousand volumes would be sold, this year there were around 300 sold. If for no other reason to come to Mozambique, I am thrilled that 8 pastors bought J.C. Ryle’s Holiness at my recommendation. “Mission Accomplished!”

Servants for Christ,
Devin and Charles