March 2014 Prayer Points 1

Dear friends,

The attached newsletter from Charles and Julie Woodrow is the first of 13 already written installments prepared in an effort to update our supporters on our work in Nampula. They will be sent out over the next few weeks.

As usual, the reports are in detailed, story format and are intended for people who have a special interest in our family or our ministry. Friends suffering from email overload who nevertheless want to get the main points can do so in less than two minutes (in this installment) by looking at the pictures and reading the red print.

Some receive these newsletters forwarded via secondary maillists and for them the upcoming 13 installments may be spam – I do apologize!

This first installment presents the coordinated strategy of our three main ministries. The next installment, which covers the present state of the work, continues the theme of God’s giving progress despite my inability to conscientiously tend these ministries as I would like to do.


March 2014 Prayer Points 2