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In 1985, Mozambique was declared the nation with the highest level of human suffering on earth. In the same year it became our privilege to proclaim in this desperate land the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ in a ministry that over the years has grown to encompass church planting, hospital-based medical care, Christian literature distribution, and nation-wide pastors’ conferences and training seminars.

Grace Missions is a sovereign grace missionary enterprise proclaiming the glory of God in Mozambique, Africa. We are motivated by a desire to see the name of Christ lifted high and exalted through all the earth.

We long to see men bowing the knee before their Maker, not only because it is their duty to Him as Creator, but also because we know such trusting submission to Christ promotes vital, personal relationship with God. This is what men everywhere need in order to find blessing, satisfaction, and usefulness in this life and in the life to come.

In Mozambique we serve the people of Nampula, second largest city in the nation and the cultural and economic hub of the northern half of the country. This city of over 750,000 people is the capital of the most populous province of the country with more than 5 million people.

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