April 2014 Prayer Points 3

The attached is from Gracie. She is so involved in service opportunities here and the lives of many Mozambicans that sometimes while laboring at my desk I think that of the two of us, she is the real missionary.

So I asked her to prepare a report on her life on the mission field, in part because sometimes people come to visit us and wonder, “How could I be of use in Mozambique? I am neither a pastor nor a doctor or nurse or other trained career servant. I would not want to waste my life suffering for the Lord (not a waste if it did happen) and accomplish nothing of usefulness.”

But it is impossible to waste one’s life in Nampula if there is love for God and people and a desire to serve – because the needs are everywhere. Even teenagers can make a big difference. So I asked Gracie to show that by writing of her life as an MK in Mozambique.

For those who have time for only the gist of the matter, there is red print in this report.

By His grace,
Charles Woodrow

April 2014 Prayer Points 3