April 2014 Update from Nampula

Dear Friends,

I am amazed and grateful for the generous response to the challenge grant for the literature and conference ministry mentioned in March 2014 Prayer Points 8. After only three weeks, our treasurer says donors have provided $14,095, exceeding the $12,500 available in matching funds. I thought it would take months to fulfill our commitment to the donor! THANK YOU.

Though we have reached the goal set for us, I do not mean to discourage anyone who still would like to support pastors with funds for good literature. I have recently ordered over $20,000 in books to be available for sale at the next Fiel Conference in June. One third to one half of that money will be recovered when the books are sold and will be applied toward paying the expenses of the conference.

Later today I will be leaving for South Africa to make annual purchases for the various ministries and our family and to bring back a truckload of used equipment for the hospital. Please pray for a productive trip with efficient use of time. There is a great deal to be done and my goal is to return in three weeks to begin preparations for the 15th annual Fiel Conference in Nampula.

In particular, if our budget can sustain it, I hope to purchase the necessary equipment to produce Mission Ekklesia’s “monthly” theological journal. An agent in South Africa has organized several options among the various machines that we would need. Please pray for wisdom and guidance from God and for the necessary funds if we are indeed moving in a right direction with this project.

I sent the truck on ahead to Maputo with our motorist and the helper who assists me with administration. We all thank God for an uneventful trip that covered the 1300 miles in three days. Because of the outbreak of hostilities a year ago between two warring political factions, a 70 mile stretch of the road must be traveled in a convoy with military escort. There have been no hostilities for many months, but the convoy still runs and apparently everyone still uses it. Our men had to wait five hours for the convoy to leave, and when it left it was one very long trail of vehicles!

I still have two local color stories waiting to be sent out from the set of 13 Nampula updates. These tales are related to some of the administrative challenges I have faced over the past year and which have consumed considerable time. However, I plan to defer those updates until after my return so I can focus my attention on getting the work in South Africa accomplished as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your wonderful generosity. Thank you for standing with us in these undertakings. Thank you for your prayers!

By His grace,
Charles Woodrow