[Time Sensitive] Prayer for Nampula Pastors’ Conference

Brethren, this is a plea for prayer for the 15th annual Fiel (Faithful) Conference for pastors and church leaders in Nampula to be held next Tuesday through Friday. Our theme is Spiritual Warfare, and as usual at this time of the year, we are engaged in the practical realities of that subject.

250 church leaders have signed up to attend, coming from all parts of the northern 2/3 of the Mozambique. This is considerably less than the 330 people we were accustomed to hosting in years past, but there are many fine African brothers in the congregation and we thank God for the opportunity to minister to them.

Please pray for unction, power, and compelling content on the part of our speakers, and for sensitive God-fearing and God-hungering hearts on the part of the hearers.

Especially pray that the books we ordered for the conference would arrive in time to be available. Months ago we ordered $27,000 worth of books to sell in the bookstore at half their cost to us, but only about a third have arrived so far. We regularly see clear manifestations of opposition by the evil one, and he must be cast down through believing prayer. Amongst the books ordered were 95 study Bibles from various publishers. For African pastors who have only four or five books to their name, a Bible atlas, dictionary, concordance, commentary, and Bible all bound in one volume is a useful tool. Not surprisingly, while hundreds of other books have made it into our hands, not one Bible has yet arrived, and we are only six days away from launching the conference.

Please pray that this important aspect of the conference ministry would not be neutralized by the enemy of our souls who hates the truth of God.

By His grace,
Charles Woodrow